Talkin’ Bout Ned

Royal Motor Yacht Club, Williamstown

To commemorate the 132nd anniversary of the death of Ned Kelly, Talkin’ Bout Ned was staged at the Breakwater Restaurant and Bar,  Royal Motor Yacht Club, Williamstown on November 11, 2012.

The event commenced at 4.30pm with an optional walking tour around the Williamstown breakwater where Ned Kelly served six months hard labour on the prison hulk Sacramento and in an artillery battery onshore. From 5.30pm we headed to the Breakwater Restaurant and Bar at the Royal Motor Yacht Club at 260 Nelson Place, Williamstown for meet and greet champagne as the evening continued with plenty of talk on the waterfront. Speakers included authors Paul Terry The True Story Of Ned Kelly’s Last Stand, Judith Douthie I Was At The Kelly Gang Round-Up, and Noelene Allen Ellen: A Woman Of Spirit along with special guest presenter Paul O’Keefe discussing Ned Kelly’s true love Ettie Hart. Along with their two course dinner, each guest received a special one-off collectors edition Talkin’ Bout Ned signed and numbered souvenir print.