Celebrating nearly sixty years of Australian music.

In 2017, Australia celebrates sixty years of Australian rock n’ roll. From Johnny O’Keefe to John Farnham, come celebrate with us as we present Chartbusters. For the very first time our Chartbusters legends band will perform songs live from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s – the all time greatest hits of the rock n’ roll era. Backed with original footage, artwork, and photographic images on big screen televisions, Chartbusters will highlight our rich music heritage. As the artists are performing (say Johnny O’Keefe’s She’s My Baby), the screens will display the original record artwork as well as feature footage of Johnny O’Keefe along with photographic stills and newspaper banner headlines relevant to that period of time (e.g. ‘Kennedy Assassinated’, ‘Man Walks On Moon’).